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Week of 7/2/2020

The Phoenix Lights: Phoenix Tapes '97

Week of 6/25/2020

Winged Weirdies: Flying Humanoids

Week of 6/18/2020

Winged Weirdies: Thunderbirds

Week of 6/11/2020


Week of 6/4/2020

Almost Famous Channelers: Dr. Peebles & Michael Jackson

Week of 5/27/2020

Nightmare Nuggets: An Interview with Elijah Henderson of The Cryptid Studies Institute

Week of 5/20/2020

The Beast of LBL

Week of 5/15/2020

Sexy Supernatural

Week of 5/7/2020

Room 237

Week of 4/23/2020

Walking with the Tall Whites

Week of 4/15/2020

Art Bell Tribute 2020

Week of 4/8/2020


Week of 4/1/2020

The Amazing Randi

Week of 3/26/2020

Famous Channelers

Week of 3/18/2020

Florida Strangeness

Week of 3/13/2020

Hell's Bells: The Dangers of Rock & Roll (Part 2)

Week of 3/4/2020

Hell's Bells: The Dangers of Rock & Roll

Week of 2/26/2020

Alien Ghosts

Week of 2/22/2020

Corey Goode and the Secret Space Drama

Week of 2/12/2020

California Paranormal

Week of 2/05/2020

Celebrity Death Conspiracies

Week of 1/29/2020

Jose Escamilla: The Passion of the Rods

Week of 1/22/2020

Ghosts of Morgan City

Week of 12/14/2019

2nd Annual Christmas Special Live

Week of 12/04/2019

Canadian Strangeness: Northern Mysteries

Week of 11/27/2019

Mantis Man

Week of 11/06/2019

Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction

Week of 11/06/2019

The Blackwell Ghost

Week of 10/31/2019

Halloween Spooktacular 2019

Week of 10/23/2019

Beyond Pascagoula: An Interview with Calvin Parker

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Week of 10/16/2019

The Spottsville Monster

Week of 10/9/2019

The Varginha UFO Incident

Week of 10/2/2019

Mothman Festival 2019

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Week of 9/25/2019


Week of 9/18/2019

Bridgewater Triangle: Pukwudgie

Week of 9/11/2019

Patreon Bonus Compilation 2019

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Week of 9/4/2019

El Chupacabra

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Week of 8/28/2019

Robert the Doll

Week of 8/21/2019

George Noory's Ouija Board Special

Week of 8/14/2019

Unsolved Mysteries: Guardian UFO

Week of 8/7/2019

The Pascagoula Wrinkly Roadtrip

Week of 7/31/2019

The Pascagoula Abduction

Week of 7/24/2019

The Ohio Grassman

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Week of 7/17/2019

Art Bell and Time Traveler Single Seven

Week of 7/10/2019

The "Historic" Reed Family Abductions

Week of 7/3/2019

4th of July BBQ Special with Special Guests Phoebe Tyers, Sebastian Conelli, and Allstar Unbelievers

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Week of 6/26/2019

Flying Rods

Week of 6/19/2019

Budd Hopkins: Witnessed

Week of 6/12/2019

Phantom Phuck Phest

Week of 6/5/2019

Famous Frauds: J.Z. Knight & Ramtha

Week of 5/29/2019

More Video Game Strangeness with Special Guest Brian Frange

Week of 5/22/2019

Beyond Reason: The Canadian Psychic Game Show

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Week of 5/15/2019

Turmoil in the Toybox

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Week of 5/8/2019

The Beatles Never Broke Up

Week of 5/1/2019

Time Traveling Trumps

Week of 4/24/2019

Art Bell Tribute: Secret Societies Open Lines

Week of 4/17/2019

The Beast of Grunch Road

Week of 4/10/2019

Mandela Effect in 2019

Week of 4/3/2019

Famous Frauds: "Psychic" Sylvia Browne

Week of 3/27/2019

The Ariel School UFO Incident

Week of 3/20/2019

The Bell Witch

Week of 3/13/2019

Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs: An Interview with Christo Roppolo

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Week of 3/06/2019

Sports Strangeness with The Sports Lordz

Week of 2/27/2019

Rock & Roll Aliens

Week of 2/20/2019

Gef the Talking Mongoose Revisted: An Interview with Tim R. Swartz

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Week of 2/14/2019

Valentine's Special: Coral Castle

Week of 2/6/2019


Week of 1/30/2019

David Wilcock and The Secret Space Programs

Week of 1/23/2019

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Manimal

Week of 1/16/2019

8th Wonder of the World - Gef the Talking Mongoose

Week of 12/26/2018

Christmas Special Live with Brian Frange, Kevin Cobbs, and Phoebe Tyers

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Week of 12/19/2018

Ghost Adventures: Haunted Museum Live pt.2

Week of 12/12/2018

Ghost Adventures: Haunted Museum Live pt.1

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Week of 11/28/2018

Psychic Sasquatch pt.2

Week of 11/21/2018

Psychic Sasquatch pt.1

Week of 11/14/2018

Alien Love Fest